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  • мебельный щит
    Company «Lira»
    Furniture board

    Every year, materials produced from natural environmentally friendly raw materials are in increasing demand. Wood maintains optimal humidity for a person, creating a comfortable atmosphere for him.

  • терассная доска
    Company «Lira»
    Molded products

    Recently, many people have chosen wood as a material for interior decoration of houses, summer cottages and cottages - a natural and environmentally friendly material, which, moreover, is quite successfully combined with other types of materials.

  • оборудование для деревообработки
    Company «Lira»
    Woodworking equipment

    Lira LLC is the official representative of GOMA, PAUL, SERRA in Ukraine. Here you have the opportunity to purchase European standard woodworking equipment with a guarantee and delivery in Ukraine.


Molded products and furniture board

In the countries of Western Europe, a significant part of the living quarters is equipped with wooden elements, since it is difficult to find a more environmentally friendly material than wood.

мебельный щит

Furniture board

The furniture board is an ideal design option for giving the room naturalness, naturalness and originality.


Wall Cladding

The most popular material in Ukraine for interior decoration of balconies and loggias, country houses, as well as saunas and baths.

блок хаус

Block house

Block house is a modern cladding material used in the decoration of houses made of various materials.

дверная коробка

Door frame

A door frame is a type of construction (door) frame for installing door leafs.



Plinth - a wooden plank used to cosmetically hide the gap between the floor and the wall, and protect the walls during cleaning.

рейка монтажная


Mounting rail - designed for fastening products to surfaces, also used when laying roofing.

доска пола

Floor board

The floor board is made of solid or finger-jointed pine wood, equal to parquet, being its alternative.



A platband is a decorative design of a window or doorway in the form of overhead figured profiled planks.

террасная доска

Terrace board

The terrace board has a corrugated top layer and is used when laying an ordinary wooden floor is not possible.

Woodworking equipment

Lira LLC is the authorised dealer of GOMA, PAUL, and SERRA brands in Ukraine. You can buy high-quality woodworking machinery from these European brands with a guarantee and get it delivered to your location in Ukraine through Lira LLC.


SERRA equipment

SERRA producer of high-performance stationary and mobile band saws.


PAUL equipment

PAUL is a leading manufacturer of lumber-cutting equipment.


GOMA equipment

GOMA is a significant supplier of advanced equipment used in producing Glued FingerJointed timber.


Raw material

Only high-grade, certified and environmentally friendly raw materials are used.


Optimization of processed wood in terms of quality, optimal drying technology, wood splicing and gluing.


High professional training, constant improvement of skills, high sense of responsibility.

The cost

Products are sold at wholesale prices, a flexible system of discounts, promotions and bonuses.

Implemented equipment

We sell woodworking equipment from the German companies SERRA and PAUL at manufacturers' prices.


Our company is engaged in wholesale trade of its own products. The minimum shipment batch of goods is 1 package (package).

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