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Наличник полукруглый

Wooden platbands are essential in creating an elegant and sophisticated interior design. As a decorative profiled plank, a platband adds a touch of style to any window or doorway while providing a functional covering for gaps between the wall and frame. For centuries, wooden platbands have been a popular choice in construction and repair, and today they remain in high demand. At Lira, we offer a variety of platbands, including solid and spliced architraves made of finger-jointed or solid pine wood in rounded, flat, and curly shapes.

Наличник плоский

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pine, spliced60 х 12 х 2150pc.
pine, spliced70 х 12 х 2150pc.
pine, spliced80 х 12 х 2150pc.
see the main dimensions of the produced platbands Collapse
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