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коробка сосна

A door frame is an essential component of any doorway, as it provides structural support for the door and enhances its aesthetic appeal. Typically composed of two vertical posts and a crossbar, a door frame is securely installed in the doorway to facilitate the hanging of door panels.

 At Lira, we use only the finest pine timber to craft our door frames. Our selection process ensures that the wood is free of knots and expertly spliced along the length to eliminate any potential for deformation over time.

Our door frames are constructed using cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum durability and stability. Made from pine wood with 8-10% moisture content, our jointed box beams measure 2050 mm in length and feature rounded corners and compensation grooves for a flawless finish. Trust Lira for high-quality door frames that stand the test of

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pine, spliced60 х 28 х 2050pc.
pine, spliced70 х 28 х 2050pc.
pine, spliced80 х 28 х 2050pc.
pine, spliced100 х 28 х 2050pc.
pine, spliced120 х 28 х 2050pc.
pine, spliced140 х 28 х 2050pc.
pine, spliced160 х 28 х 2050pc.
pine, spliced180 х 28 х 2050pc.
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pine, spliced60 х 28 х 1000pc.
pine, spliced70 х 28 х 1000pc.
pine, spliced80 х 28 х 1000pc.
pine, spliced100 х 28 х 1000pc.
pine, spliced120 х 28 х 1000pc.
pine, spliced140 х 28 х 1000pc.
pine, spliced160 х 28 х 1000pc.
pine, spliced180 х 28 х 1000pc.
see the main dimensions of the produced door threshold collapse
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