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About LIRA Company

О компании Лира

In October of 1999, LLC "Lira" was established as a woodworking company specializing in primarily processing wood through sawmilling. At the onset, the company relied on a single leased sawmill, a Ukrainian-made machine known as the Kalinovka, to produce unedged and edged sawn timber. The company employed only five individuals, and the management recognized that more was needed for a full-fledged and effective production. However, the capital required for expansion had not yet been earned, and the company had to rely on a sound strategy and a customer-focused approach to achieve success.

Within six months of operation, production volumes had increased by 180-200%, and the company’s income had risen as well. This allowed Lira LLC to acquire two more bands saw machines, increasing employment to 20 individuals. By the end of 2000, the company had 35 employees, and production volumes had surged by 575%.

In 2002, Lira LLC successfully solidified its position in the domestic sawn timber market and ventured into foreign markets. The production area grew to three hectares, and the number of band saws increased to 12 units from April to September. Production volumes rose by 300-400% compared to 2002, and the company employed 98 individuals by year-end. The company invested in improving the enterprise’s employees’ workspaces and the surrounding area. In December 2002, the company began exporting its products.

By the first quarter of 2003, Lira LLC exported 2,500 m3 of sawn timber, indicating the need to purchase new equipment to increase production. The management decided to purchase two band saws from Germany and equipment for producing floorboards, wall panelling, a blockhouse, a door frame rack, a platband, and a plinth. Four drying chambers with a total volume of 700 m3 were also constructed and launched during this period.

In early 2004, a workshop spanning 1000m2 was established at Lira LLC, focusing on producing boards, pidlogs, lining, block houses, door frames, lintels, and plinths. Subsequently, the company implemented an optimization and growth strategy, facilitating moulded mould production.

Thereafter, Lira LLC embarked on a quest for new technological solutions and introduced a more comprehensive woodworking approach. While the village grew in length until 2010, the company eventually transitioned towards producing lamellas and overhangs. This transition allowed for the manufacturing furniture shields and other wood products from the village.

At present, Lira LLC boasts state-of-the-art woodworking equipment. The sawmilling site is equipped with two Bavaria and one Montana band saws from SERRA, while the wood optimization site is equipped with a PAUL line. The moulding production site operates a WEINIG four-sided machine. Working tools like circular saws, cutters, and knives are sourced from Leitz products.

To optimize the performance of advanced machinery, it is essential to have a team of specialized experts who are trained to operate them effectively. For this reason, our enterprise has invested in training its leading specialists in Germany to acquire the latest woodworking techniques and enhance their knowledge and skills. This enables us to introduce cutting-edge technologies into our production and maintain the high quality of our products.

 In the process of developing and implementing German machinery in our production, Lira LLC has become the official representative of SERRA and PAUL in Ukraine. We have strategically chosen these companies because SERRA produces top-tier sawmills (band saws), while PAUL offers high-quality machines (multi-saw and edge trimmers) that perfectly complement SERRA’s products. Combining these machines creates an efficient sawmill line that provides an excellent alternative to expensive sawmills. Additionally, we provide engineering services to our potential customers to ensure that they receive not only imported equipment but also technical support. 

Modern woodworking machines are designed in a modular manner, providing consumers with specific functions tailored to their production needs. The modular design also allows for new functions to be added to the machine in the future as necessary.

 At Lira LLC, we pride ourselves on competently guiding our clients in selecting the right machine with the correct configuration, placing an order, and delivering the equipment to the end user. We offer all our machines at the manufacturer’s factory price, and the only additional costs are related to transportation, customs clearance, and certification associated with delivering the machines to Ukraine. We have extensive experience in delivering imported equipment to Ukraine, and we are always ready to advise our clients on how to avoid common mistakes that can lead to unjustified cost increases if they decide to deliver the selected equipment on their own.


How high is the current price of LIRA production?

 Our company offers a range of products at competitive wholesale prices that are significantly lower than retail prices. Additionally, we offer a flexible discount system depending on the product volume. As the quantity of purchased products increases, the price per unit decreases accordingly. To attract new customers, we also offer periodic promotions with reduced pricing. We place a high value on our loyal customers and offer them various discounts to show our appreciation. Consequently, our pricing structure is personalised for each individual customer.

What is the minimum shipping?

 Our company specialises in wholesale trade of our own products and does not engage in retail trade. We offer customised production of products according to your specific requirements upon request. The minimum quantity for shipment of goods is one package or package unit. Detailed information regarding the dimensions, units of measurement and minimum shipment volumes for our moulded products, mounting rails, and furniture panels are presented below. Our tables showcase the typical sizes of products  anufactured by Lira LLC. If the required length of a
product needs to be listed, we encourage you to contact our trade manager.

What is the delivery process?

Our organisation dispatches products directly from our factory warehouses in the Kyiv region. Our professional logistics team manages our own fleet of vehicles, enabling us to provide exceptional service to our valued clientele. We also offer customised delivery options to our customers, with the possibility of delivering the products directly to their designated warehouses, subject to
mutual agreement.

How can I buy woodworking equipment and machinery?

We offer a comprehensive range of woodworking equipment from the renowned German companies SERRA and PAUL, all available for purchase at direct-from-producer prices, free from any intermediary markups or surcharges. Our commitment to transparency is evident in our willingness to direct potential customers to the relevant company for verification.

Beyond equipment sales, we offer engineering services to aid our clients in determining the best equipment for their production goals and prospects. We consider all customer specifications during the design and development of specific machines to ensure they meet their unique task and environmental conditions. Our services extend beyond sales to encompass consultation, equipment supply, installation, adjustment, start-up, and maintenance services, including the provision of spare parts.

Our showroom allows you to observe the machines offered for sale in action, as we have tested and worked with these machines for an extended period. Our team of managers is available to provide you with more detailed information about our products and services.