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Wall Cladding Panel


At Lira, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality wall cladding panelling (eurolining) made from finger-jointed pine wood. Euro lining is an excellent cladding material, perfect for enhancing the natural beauty of any interior space. Our pine lining is aesthetically pleasing and provides exceptional heat and sound insulation. The unique texture and colour of the wood give the euro-lining an exquisite and distinctive appearance, making it a popular choice for interior decoration. In addition, our euro lining is manufactured according to European standards, ensuring a wider board and connection to prevent cracks and condensation. Euro lining is a cost-effective solution for any finishing project.


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Eurolining, pine, solid12 х 88 х 3000pack. 5pcs, 1.32 sq.m.
Eurolining, pine, spliced12 х 88 х 3000pack. 5 pieces, 1.32 sq.m.
Eurolining, pine, spliced12 х 88 х 4000pack. 5 pieces, 1.76 sq.m.
Eurolining, pine, spliced12 х 45 х 3000pack. 10 pieces, 1.35 sq.m.
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We cooperate and supply Eurolining to many cities of Ukraine. Details of the order, delivery, prices, check with our manager:

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