Universal glued wooden panel

мебельный щит

Glued wooden panels are created by gluing solid wooden slats together along their edges. These panels can be utilized for various purposes, such as making furniture, countertops, and cross-laminated timber spacers.


Glued wooden panels have many different applications. They are particularly used in interior design. These panels can be utilized, in making kitchen countertops, dining tables, and other surfaces where a beautiful appearance and high durability are desired. They are also used in the furniture industry for shelves or small tables. In construction, wooden panels can be used as window jambs, window sills, building panels, or solid slabs for cement pouring. Overall, glued wooden panels have numerous applications when a sturdy panel with a natural wood expression is needed.


Wooden panels are made by glueing wooden slats/lamellas end to end and longitudinally. The result is a single plate that can be used for various purposes. Glued wooden panels are used in construction as a middle layer. In the production of CLT, solid glued panels are used as layers rather than individual slats. At the same time, glued wooden panels contribute to increased strength in cross-laminated applications. We have various press lines or comprehensive system solutions that can be adapted to your production requirements.


Wood as a natural material

Wood production has many advantages. One of them is the natural and beautiful appearance of wood, which contributes to a calm aesthetic in interior design.

Another advantage is the environmental footprint of wood. Wood absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere during its life for growth, and wood is a renewable resource. Therefore, wood is considered an environmentally friendly material, and demand for this material is constantly growing.

Lira Ukraine is committed to contributing to sustainable development. To achieve this goal, we have developed a press that allows using wood with a cant edge for creating wooden panels. This approach promotes optimal use of raw materials, reduces waste during production, and helps in creating laminated wooden panels that can be used in CLT elements as a middle layer. Apart from this, these panels have various other applications as well.


Advanced equipment is utilized in the production of glued wooden panels. At Lira Ukraine, we customize our pressing systems to meet your production needs. Our press lines and systems can produce panels up to 1200 mm (1.2 meters) wide, depending on your requirements. In addition, some of our systems can produce panels without any limitations in size. After the pressing process, we install a saw that cuts the panel to the desired length.