New! Floor board 26 mm x 90 mm

Meeting the wishes of its customers, Lira LLC has mastered the production of a new standard size of floor boards – 26 x 90 x 4000 mm. A floorboard of this size will be produced from both solid and finger-jointed wood. The boards are packed in a polyethylene package, 5 boards in each. This is the minimum packaging of a floor board for sale, the total surface area of ​​​​which is 1.8 m2.

In turn, the minimum packages can be packed into an overpack of 10 such packages wide and 7 packages high, the total area of ​​the floor board of such an overpack will be 126 m2. This method of packaging contributes to a more reliable preservation of the floorboard before its use, because. from each minimum package, the polyethylene film will be removed immediately before it is laid, while the rest of the floor board will continue to be protected by the film. The thickness of the polyethylene film is 0.2 mm. In addition, such fractional packaging allows you to quickly disassemble a large transport package into minimal packages, which greatly facilitates its loading, for example, into a wagon, as well as cargo operations with a board in a warehouse.