The use of furniture panels and moldings for interior decoration of the house and premises

The interior decoration of the house requires an individual design approach that takes into account the aesthetic needs and tastes of the residents. The interior design of the house and premises should provide comfortable living for specific residents. Therefore, the selection of materials is of great importance for the interior decoration of the house and premises.

The modern market of building materials presents a wide variety of  materials for interior decoration . These are various types of wall coverings, upholstery materials, all kinds of panels, drywall, wallpaper, liquid plasters and much more.

Recently, many people have chosen wood as a material for interior decoration of houses, summer cottages and cottages – a natural and environmentally friendly material, which, moreover, is quite successfully combined with other types of materials. Furniture panels, glued wood, molded products manufactured at a completely new technological level are used as the main finishing materials from wood.

The furniture board has recently gained great popularity due to its versatility. This popularity is connected mainly with the quality of the furniture board, with great opportunities for its use and quite affordable prices. At the same time, it has a beautiful and noble appearance. The furniture board is used for the manufacture of furniture, often exclusive, doors, window sills, staircase elements, as well as for interior decoration.

It is said that it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. To this end, below are photographs of interiors in which furniture panels and moldings are used as materials. and manufactured by the company “Lira”.