Floor board laying

It is not necessary to lay the floorboard yourself, you can entrust it to professionals, but at least a general idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthis should be for everyone who plans to use a floorboard for flooring. This elementary knowledge will allow you to choose the most optimal type of board, both in terms of size and quality, as well as technologically competently lay the floorboard or control the laying of the floor if others are doing it.

Laying the floor is the final stage in the construction of housing. By this time, all load-bearing structures, windows, doors should already be installed, the main finishing work, including the alignment of walls and floors, should be completed.

There are three main ways of laying the floor:

  • on the logs;
  • on a plywood base;
  • on an existing wood floor.

Laying the floor board on the logs.  A waterproof polyethylene film 0.2 mm thick is laid on the prepared concrete base of the floor. As a log, bars with a section of 50×100 mm can be used, which are mounted on a concrete base with dowels perpendicular to the floor boards or with mounting wedges and at a distance of about 50 cm from each other. The gaps between the lags are filled with insulation.

Laying the floor board on a plywood base.  Moisture-resistant plywood with a thickness of at least 18mm is used as the base. It is cut into strips with a width of 40 to 60 mm and laid diagonally to future floor boards. Plywood strips are fastened with screws (about 15 pcs/m2). Upon completion of laying, the upper surface of the plywood base must be sanded.

Laying a floor board on an existing wood floor.  If the old floor provides the load of the new coating, then it is pre-sanded, then a plastic film is laid on it. After completing the specified preparatory work, you can start laying the floor boards, while they should be directed perpendicular to the old ones. For more confidence and strength, you can also lay 12mm thick plywood sheets on the old boards and lay the floor board on this base in any direction.

The video below shows the technology of laying the floor board on the logs.