Wooden Toys

The notion of a “difficult childhood” accompanied by the seemingly innocuous expression “wooden toys” has long been associated with negative connotations. However, as time passes, technological progress advances rapidly, and people’s tastes, preferences, and perspectives evolve. Consequently, what was once deemed uninteresting, lacking value, and without novelty has become imbued with a different type of worth.

In a world where plastic is used extensively in producing various children’s toys, cars, dolls, construction sets, and high-tech gadgets, handmade items produced in limited quantities have gained increased value. These one-of-a-kind creations, crafted by skilled artisans with manual labour, imbue each piece with soul and love for the work that cannot be replicated by a machine.

The art of crafting wooden toys has also evolved with technological advancements, with numerous tools now available to facilitate the work of skilled artisans. One such tool is the “furniture board” or “joinery,” which has enabled the realisation of ideas that were previously challenging or perhaps unimaginable.

As some parents recall the popular expression from their own childhood with a smile while purchasing wooden toys crafted by skilled artisans, their children are likely to appreciate these unique creations without any negative associations.