Pine furniture board

The furniture board is a highly regarded natural material that is both practical and versatile in its use. It has gained widespread popularity in the production of furniture, such as countertops, cabinets, shelves, and other decorative elements for residential and commercial interiors.

Compared to furniture made from chipboard, glued board furniture is composed entirely of solid wood, making it a superior choice in terms of durability and strength. Additionally, wood is a hygroscopic material that naturally regulates humidity levels in a given space. Glued board furniture has also been shown to have the ability to adsorb harmful substances, further increasing its appeal as a sustainable and eco-friendly material.

By utilising the unique characteristics of wood and advanced processing techniques, manufacturers are able to create furniture boards with a diverse range of textures, colours, and properties, allowing for customisable options that meet individual design needs.

Glued furniture panels are divided into quality grades from A to C. The grade is determined by two
sides: A/A, A/B, A/C, B/B, B/C, C/C

  • grade A is selected according to the pattern, even in tone, uniform in texture, without defects
    (knots, sapwood, etc.);
  • grade B – without pattern selection, even in tone, uniform in texture, without defects;
  • grade C – without selection by pattern, tone and texture, minor defects (knots no more than 5 mm, sapwood). Mechanical damage is not allowed in all classes.

Lira LLC also offers customised manufacturing of furniture panels and blanks to meet the specific requirements of furniture manufacturers. This service helps to reduce the consumption of furniture panels and minimise waste, thus promoting sustainable and efficient production practices.

Moreover, the enterprise takes pride in constantly updating and modernising its production equipment to integrate more advanced technologies at every stage of the furniture panel manufacturing process. From sawing and drying blanks to trimming, sorting, splicing, gouging, glueing, formatting, and sanding, Lira LLC is committed to adopting the latest innovations that improve the quality of its products. This unwavering dedication to continuous improvement ensures that customers can expect the highest quality of furniture panels from Lira LLC, with no compromise on environmental sustainability and production efficiency.